Throughout the centuries and it’s generations of people, Hispanics have been deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition. Recognizing the power of faith in living the Gospel, we support Hispanic Catholics in formation and education in the faith and in continuing the mission of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through:

  • Supporting liturgies and services in Spanish at 34 parish locations.
  • Supporting and collaborating with the programs offered by the Mobile Catholic Institute, which promote a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and develop more effective ways of proclaiming the Gospel.
  • Advocating for better pastoral services to the Hispanic community in the Archdiocese
  • Collaborating with different offices of the Archdiocese to improve the services offered for the Hispanic community
  • Workshops
  • Cultural events
  • Seeking out and encouraging future ministerial personnel for service in our Hispanic community
  • Helping prepare those interested in ministry through language, cultural programs etc.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia